An Enraged Bernie Sanders Obliterates Trump For Blaming His Campaign For Violence

In response to Trump’s claim that his campaign incited violence against Trump supporters in Chicago, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders obliterated the Republican frontrunner by exposing the truth behind the lies.

In a statement, Sanders said:

As is the case virtually every day, Donald Trump is showing the American people that he is a pathological liar. Obviously, while I appreciate that we had supporters at Trump’s rally in Chicago, our campaign did not organize the protests.

What caused the protests at Trump’s rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division against Latinos, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities, and his birther attacks against the legitimacy of President Obama.

What caused the violence at Trump’s rally is a campaign whose words and actions have encouraged it on the part of his supporters . He recently said of a protester, ‘I want to punch him in the face.’ Another time Trump yearned for the old days when the protester would have been punched and “carried out on a stretcher.’ Then just a few days ago a female reporter apparently was assaulted by his campaign manager.

When that is what the Trump campaign is doing, we should not be surprised that there is a response.

What Donald Trump must do now is stop provoking violence and make it clear to his supporters that people who attend his rallies or protest should not be assaulted, should not be punched, should not be kicked. In America people have a right to attend a political rally without fear of physical harm.

Sen. Sanders was spot on. What Trump tried to do at his rally in Dayton, OH was an attempt to pass the buck and paint the Sanders campaign as the real extremists in the race for the White House. Bernie Sanders has never encouraged violence. Bernie Sanders has never incited violence. Bernie Sanders has never provoked a violent confrontation.

Donald Trump is intentionally inciting violence for political gain. Trump is pulling pages straight out Richard Nixon’s 1968 playbook, with the difference being that Nixon is exploiting an explosive cultural time to paint himself as the law and order candidate. Trump is creating divisiveness and conflict to anoint himself as the strong leader who can bring order back to society.

Sen. Sanders leveled Donald Trump. The Trump situation has gone beyond statements that condemn the Republican frontrunner. Sanders was correct. There is a legitimate fear that Trump will bring violence to the nation’s cities and states. It is time for local and state governments to take a stand and not allow Trump to hold his hate rallies in their communities unless he stops fanning the flames of violence and conflict for political gain.