Rachel Maddow Busts Donald Trump With Proof That Rally Violence Is Deliberate

Rachel Maddow delivered a wake-up call to the American people and the media by proving that Donald Trump is deliberately trying to provoke and inspire violence at his campaign rallies.


Maddow pointed out that Trump’s rallies have included racially charged violence for months and said, “There have been instances in the past where he has at least encouraged or praised the idea of violent actions by his supporters. When he’s spoken wistfully about how great it would be to beat people up at his rallies or he has told people that he would pay their legal fees if they would beat up a protester on his behalf. He has done that in the past. But this sort of blood lust. Right? This half tongue in cheek, mostly serious call for a tougher America where there are more beatings and where anti-Trump protesters fear for their lives.”

Rachel Maddow date stamped a series of Trump comments to show that the escalation of the violence at his rallies is deliberate.

After the clips were shown, Maddow said, “Anybody who tells you that there is no connection between the behavior of the mob at these events and the behavior of the behavior of the man at the podium leading the mob at these events is not actually watching what he has been saying from the podium.”

Maddow concluded by saying, “American president politics didn’t get this way on its own. This is the work of an American presidential candidate who deliberately made this happen, and the Republican Party is about to nominate him for president.”

Donald Trump responded to the events in Chicago by blaming the protesters for the violence. Trump is using the events in Chicago as fuel for his campaign of racial division.

Rachel Maddow brought up an excellent point. If the violence is about anger at President Obama as Ted Cruz claimed, or is an expression of voter rage, why is it only happening at Trump campaign events? Why doesn’t this kind of behavior occur at Marco Rubio events, or Ted Cruz rallies or John Kasich campaign stops? It isn’t because as Trump claims; there are no supporters at the events of the other candidates.

Despite what Trump is selling to the media, the majority remain opposed to Donald Trump. The answer to why the violence is happening at Trump events and nowhere else is that the candidate is creating the climate for violence and encouraging confrontation at his rallies. Donald Trump is engaging in the vilest form of politics imaginable and is the civic duty of the Republican Party to shut him down.

If Republicans won’t stop Trump, it is up to the members of communities all across this nation to treat a Trump rally like they would a KKK rally. The vast majority of Americans don’t want the KKK in their town or city. People come out and counter protest when racists rally in their neighborhoods. It is time for a national effort to stop Donald Trump. It is time for activists to pressure the cable news networks who give Trump unlimited free media. It is time for civic leaders to let the politicians know that Trump and his politics of violence and hate aren’t welcome in their towns.

Rachel Maddow has proven that Trump is deliberately provoking violence. The American people must do what the Republican Party won’t and stop Donald Trump.