Rumors Says Trump Cincinnati Rally Canceled, Trump Claims it’s ‘ON’

People have been wondering what will happen when Trump takes his hate show on the road to big American cities with large minority populations. After the Chicago disaster of Friday night, the prognosis does not look favorable.

And indeed, it is being reported by The Guardian that Trump has canceled his rally in Cincinnati scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Trump has already taken on the role of victim in the violence endorsed he has already endorsed, claiming his First Amendment rights were trampled.

Trump, however, has tweeted that the rumors are false:

According to another tweet, “The rally in Cincinnati is ON. Media put out false reports that it was cancelled. Will be great – love you Ohio!”

Any whininess you may detect in his future outbursts on the subject is well applied. But Saturday, he adopted a more combative tone for his own thugocracy by calling the other side thugs:

“The organized group of people, many of them thugs, who shut down our first amendment rights in Chicago, have totally energized America!”

So…organized thugs. Gangs? Black Lives Matter? Republican-speak for blacks who think their lives actually matter is “thug” and that would seem to be the case here as well, and meant to include for the sake of completeness Mexicans and others who don’t approve of one Donald J. Trump.

The Trump movement will go on. And trouble will follow him like flies follow excrement. Trump’s Republicans opponents are wrong about nearly everything, but their criticisms of Trump in the wake of his Chicago non-appearance are completely justified.

Trump has created an atmosphere of violence. The violence is his, and he is to blame, and the cancellation of his Chicago rally a carefully crafted chapter in his narrative of an American champion attacked on all sides by “these other people.”

Code word: Not American.

Leftists like Bernie Sanders are to blame for riling up “these other people” – not even bothering to disguise his disdain for Americans who aren’t “white Christian Americans” – a Republican euphemism for what the rest of us call white supremacists.

It would be no surprise at all if Trump himself started the rumors about cancelling Cincinnati just so he could fuel the flames and rile up his followers for some more violence in another American city.