An Unhinged Trump Blames Thousands Of Sanders Supporters For His Rally Violence

A delusional Donald Trump claimed that thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters were responsible for the violence at his rallies.


Transcript via CNN State Of The Union:

TAPPER: Now, protests on the campaign trail are obviously nothing new. I have seen one in every previous election I have covered.

But, in every one I have seen before, the leader on the stage tries to lower the temperature, not raise it. Do you ever consider whether you should be trying to lower the temperature when these protests erupt?

TRUMP: I think, in many cases, I do lower the temperature.

I tell the police, please take it easy when people are punching the police and trying to hurt people. When I say things like “I would like to punch him,” frankly, this was a person that was absolutely violent and was like a crazed individual.

A lot of them are — you know, I don’t even call them protesters. I call them disrupters. A lot of them come from Bernie Sanders, whether he wants to say it or not. And if he says no, then he’s lying.

Bernie Sanders, they have Sanders signs all over the place. And they’re made by the same people that make the regular Bernie Sanders signs. They’re professionally made.

And we have great rallies. We have by far the biggest rallies. We have 25,000, 30,000 people at rallies. And out of that, you have had very little problem. And then what I did with Chicago — and I could have gone. It would have been easier for me to go and make the speech, and you would have had a clash, because you had professional disrupters, thousands of them, from Sanders and to a smaller extent Hillary.

Hillary doesn’t have very much fervor. I will say that. And so people don’t care that much. But you have Sanders disrupters going over there. You had Ayers there. You had a lot of people there that I don’t think is so good to be there.

And I’ll tell you what. I think what I did — and I have gotten a lot of credit for it, not from CNN. I watched John King this morning. That was a total kill job, the entire show. I was amazed at that show. It was like a total kill.

Trump was lying. Nothing that Donald Trump said in that exchange was true. The fact that his lies are becoming so exaggerated to the point of delusion revealed how unfit for the presidency Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump’s “proof” that Bernie Sanders supporters are behind the violence at his rallies is that the protesters have signs that he claims are made by the same people who make the Bernie Sanders campaign signs. Of course, Trump offered no evidence to back up his claim. CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t bother to challenge Trump’s claim, because when a member of the press is on the receiving end of a tidal wave of lies, it is difficult to pick out what sounds like a small one in the live television moment. Tapper focused on what seemed big at the moment, which was Trump threatening Sanders, but a deeper look at the interview revealed the depth of Donald Trump’s disassociation with reality.

Trump has no concept of truth. He is making it up as he goes along. The Republican frontrunner sounded insane in this interview, and if the media ever tries to force Trump to prove one of these allegations, it will be disastrous for the Republican Party.