Trump Blames CNN For Violence While Playing The Victim And Threatening More Violence

Dan Scavino, Senior Adviser and “Director of Social Media” for Donald Trump, blamed CNN for inciting violence by giving interviewing protesters. Scavino tweeted, “There will be-CNN keeps having protesters on for interviews. Talk about inciting violence. More will want their 15m!”

Premise: If only media would silence the protesters, that would be freedom Donald Trump style. By letting protesters speak on camera, the Trump camp feels CNN is doing the exact same thing as saying they wish their viewers would beat up anyone who disagrees with them. So that’s a no for logic and personal responsibility from the Trump camp.

Read here:

The Trump director of social media (implying he knows what he’s doing on Twitter) said this over a link to a CNN article in which Ben Carson, who recently endorsed Donald Trump, threatened that protesters face the possibility of “escalation” if they keep exercising their first amendment rights.

Here is Ben Carson following the talking points of right-wing luminaries like Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, in which they pretend the violence is coming from the protesters, not the supporters, and then threatened protesters with more violence for being violent:

“If the protesters continue with their (Saul) Alinsky-like tactics, there is a real possibility of escalation,” the famously soft-spoken Carson warned.
“Because those who are the victims have two choices: They can submit to them meekly, just do whatever those protesters want them to do, or they can fight back. If they decide to fight back, there could be an escalation.”

A few things:

1) Supporters who sucker punch non-violent protesters are not “victims”, and this is why that man was arrested. This is a crime, no matter what Donald Trump or his camp say.

2) Ben Carson wants violent supporters to “fight back”. I guess that’s a fight back more. At any rate, Ben Carson is all for violence. Go for it because they deserve it, he says.

3) Alinksy is not running the left; he remains firmly entrenched under right-wing politicians’ beds as a convenient boogeyman to wave around while inciting violence and blaming the left for it. Think Sarah Palin’s Blood Libel video. Non one does self-pity like a Republican who is inciting others to violence.

4) Freedom of speech is not an Alinksy tactic that needs to be physically assaulted until it shuts down. There are security people who escort disruptive protesters to the door. In fact, a trump supporter sucker punched a protester as he was being escorted out, so this idea that there is a need for this violence against protesters is absurd.

All is going according to the Trump master plan. Trump incited violence, promised to pay the legal bills of anyone who assaulted a protester, and then people started punching for Trump, including his own campaign manager who assaulted a reporter.

As soon as the violence became the talk of the media, the right pivoted in unison to point their fingers at protesters and play the persecuted victims. If anyone else dares to have an opinion they don’t like, why they are going to get it good! They deserve it for daring to protest bigotry and racism.

How dare anyone disagree with Trump. To disagree with Donald Trump, to exercise your first amendment rights, is to victimize Trump supporters.

Now that the violent Trump thugs see themselves as put-upon victims, they’re really going to let protesters have it. And Ben Carson, the guy who says he took a hammer to his mother, is all for it. That’s the sick world Donald Trump is inciting in his efforts to “make America great again.”

But wait. It gets even more disturbing.

There are reasons to suspect that Ben Carson actually went after his mother with a hammer. She says she went after him with the hammer. And this is important because if Ben Carson was a victim of violence instead of a perpetrator, this makes him much less attractive to the Republican base.

Donald Trump is also a man trying to build himself up. Donald Trump is trying to play tough guy by inciting his supporters to violence and being the guy who will defend them because he is so strong.

But behind the curtain is a little man with small fingers. A man whose ego is so fragile he can’t let go of decades old minor slights.

Donald Trump is the little man playing Oz. That’s what all of this violence is about. It’s a way to build up Donald Trump’s ego and allow him to run as the big man. But in truth, behind all of the bluster and the threats, Donald Trump is a small man, a protected little-rich boy coward who is getting his supporters to do his dirty work while he guards his small fingers from afar.

Trump only plays a big man on TV, while running for President of this country. He sounds like a school yard bully because that’s what he is.