John Kasich Takes Ohio From Donald Trump, Maybe Saving the Nation


Republican Governor John Kasich won his home state of Ohio tonight in a tight primary race with Donald Trump, in spite of trailing in the Republican primary elsewhere. Ohio is a winner take all state for Republicans, and considered pretty near a must win for Republicans.

“Voter turnout was up compared to the historically low turnout in the 2012 presidential primary,” the according to, “thanks to the wild GOP race and a Democratic contest that’s been more competitive than many expected.”

The turnout for Kasich can be attributed in part to Democrats who crossed over to vote for Kasich, perhaps as part of the “Stop Trump” efforts being coordinated around the country.


Kaisch’s win can be seen as a block of Donald Trump as Ohio is pivotal for the Republican primaries. This loss for Donald Trump makes it difficult for the serial liar to get the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination outright.

This is good news for the nation, as Donald Trump winning the Republican Party’s nomination outright would be a tragedy for this country and the very foundations of democracy on which we pride ourselves.