‘Lion’s Guard’ Group Forms to Bust Heads for Trump, Then Disbands

First the hate and the fear and the lies. Then the salute and the personal oath of loyalty. Then Donald Trump almost had his own Brownshirts to bust heads for him at rallies. Saying “Chicago was a wake up call,” The so-called “Lion’s Guard” claimed they would protect Trump supporters from ““violent far-left agitators.”

Despite him tweeting, “Who started this mess, the protesters of course . And media made it worse,” so far, the only violent agitator has been Trump himself.

And sorry Trumpites, retweeting a lie doesn’t make it true. You’re following a guy who literally tells a lie every five minutes, according to Politico’s calculations.

And no, having Sarah Palin whine about “all that petty, punk-ass, little thuggery stuff,” allegedly depriving her hero of his First Amendment rights doesn’t help your cause.


Yet for a few brief hours this weekend, Donald Trump was on the verge of having his own praetorian guard to bust heads at future rallies. Amusingly, the claim was made that they would protect people who are “beaten and harassed for their political views.” Of course, beating and harassing people for their political views is exactly what Trump has been championing from the stage.

In all, the Lion’s Guard account was open for four ours, RT tells us, and in that time got 500 followers. A ready wit on Twitter had a helpful suggestion for the group while it lasted:

Naturally, something like this is very disturbing. The idea of political candidates in the United States traveling around with a private army – or even having detachments waiting for them in cities they visit – connotes a period of history best not revisited.

The right wing media and social media is filled with pro-Trump rationalizing and if you have a few spare hours you might want to tune in and grab some snacks and enjoy the show. More visible to all are whack-jobs like Michael Savage who defends Trump’s white supremacist hate-fest by claiming it’s the protesters who are hating on white people, and InfoWars’ Alex Jones saying he’s going to organize a Trump rally because “My kids are counting on me” to destroy America.

A lot of kids were apparently counting on their parents to put Hitler in power too. The kids got to grow up, many of them, just in time to face immolation during Hitler’s Wagnerian Götterdämmerung. Trump wants some wars to consume America’s young men and women too. He didn’t serve. He deferred. Five Times. Doesn’t mean you can’t die for the Trump brand.

Hitler at least had the courage to serve. Can’t say the same about your “lion.” The lion that then had the audacity to attack John McCain’s service.

This is the lying coward so many white supremacists love and want to follow, a man who stirs up hate and violence everywhere he goes, who cannot stand to hear a dissenting voice. A guy who whines about how he is treated every time he does.

If they get their way, this would be the president the United States got, a traveling circus with a lion as the main attraction. A cowardly lion to boot. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination – or brains – to see that we could do better.