Bernie Sanders Blows Out Donald Trump As 14,000 Show Up For Salt Lake City Rally

While Donald Trump moved his Salt Lake City rally to a smaller venue, Bernie Sanders drew a massive crowd of 14,000 for a rally on the same day in the same city as the Republican frontrunner.

Video of the Sanders rally:

In a statement, the Sanders campaign pointed out that they blew Trump’s rally in the same city out of the water:

A massive crowd of more than 14,000 Bernie Sanders supporters came out on Friday to Brigham Young State Park overlooking the snow-capped Rocky Mountains to hear the Democratic presidential candidate.

“On Tuesday there is going to be a very important caucus here in Utah. Let me give you a simple political truism. We will win that caucus if there is a large turnout. We will lose if there isn’t,” Sanders said.

Across town, Republican front-runner Donald Trump drew a much smaller crowd in the same city on the same day.

Trump is certain to lie about the crowd size of his rally, so it is important to note that the venue states that the maximize crowd size that their building can hold is 1,800. While Bernie Sanders drew 14,000 people to his rally, Donald Trump invented some “security concerns” and moved his event to a venue that holds almost ten times fewer people than attended the Sanders rally.

Sen. Sanders called Trump a liar, and said, “He will not be elected president because he lies all of the time and the American people will not elect someone who lies.”

The 2016 presidential election has created a new national political star. Contrary to the claims of the corporate owned media, that star is not Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders has become a national political force, thanks to a grassroots populist presidential campaign that was able to raise $4 million from small donors in the last three days.

Donald Trump is a pretender. The real political revolutionary that is changing American politics is Sen. Bernie Sanders.