Trump Supporters Reject SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland Because He’s a Jew

In the words of Donald Trump supporter David Duke, the same guy who said comparing Trump to Hitler could only serve to rehabilitate the reputation of Hitler, the nomination of Merrick Garland “Basically gives Jews total veto over The Supreme Court.” Who knew that Garland represented all Jews, and apparently, only Jews?

According to Trump’s very vocal antisemitic supporters, those self-proclaimed champions of those poor victimized “white European Americans,” Garland is “a Jewish supremacist.” Isn’t it funny how being Jewish makes you a “supremacist” when being a Christian does not? After all, according to this logic, isn’t Trump then a Christian supremacist? And how is that a good thing?

Here is what Duke had to say in his radio program Thursday (transcript courtesy of Media Matters for America):

Look at the Jewish control of this country. You already have three open Jewish members of the Supreme Court. Thirty-three percent. They’re only two percent of the population. You can count on those Jews to do whatever the Jewish agenda is, whatever the Jewish establishment wants. In fact, they probably already have at least three-and-a-half members because Sotomayor apparently, according to a lot of sources, has a lot of what they call Sephardic Jewish ancestry, Spanish Jewish ancestry. That’s a big problem among some Latino groups. And so that’s maybe three-and-a-half Jews.
And now Obama, who is totally under the power of the Jewish control, he’s been, in fact there’s a reason why the Chicago Tribune calls him the first Jewish president. And why the New Yorker magazine had him as the first Jewish president, alright? He’s appointed a Jewish supremacist to be the guy on the Supreme Court, which basically gives Jews total veto over the Supreme Court. As I’ve said before, there was no more powerful part of the federal government in this country than the Supreme Court.
So the Supreme Court, which is unelected, which is basically elected by political cronies, which is a Jewish-controlled establishment today, and money, and media, whoever gets the praise of the media, whoever gets the money, the media, is basically something that’s really in the power — and you don’t have to have an absolute majority as we can see in elections. You can have a plurality. They’ve got a plurality in the United States Supreme Court.

Funny how the United States Constitution does not stipulate that the Supreme Court be a demographic representation of the country’s ethnic or religious composition. Funny how, with so many African-Americans, we can’t have a black president. What’s really amazing, however, is that now, after years of being told Obama is anti-Jewish, being told that he’s actually under the control of some nefarious Jewish cabal.

Stranger yet is Duke’s claim that Garland’s nomination should bother Latinos, because People For the American Way board member Dolores Huerta applauds the choice of Garland, saying that she is proud that Obama nominated “someone as qualified and committed to the Constitution as Merrick Garland” at a time when “Latinos have a huge amount at stake at the Supreme Court.”

Huerta recognizes that what is important is Garland’s commitment to the Constitution, not his ethnicity or his religion. It is a shame David Duke and other white supremacist followers of Trump cannot get past the 1930s in their own misshapen worldview.

Conservatives spin lies so fast that it’s difficult to keep up. George W. Bush must be proud. His is the administration that invented ‘revolving reality’ after all. What’s true today is not true tomorrow. Trump has already demonstrated his own firm commitment to changing reality from day to day.

Speaking of which, remember when Donald Trump bragged about what a great friend he is to Israel? How is it you can be a friend to Israel and revel in the support of antisemites? It is a question Israelis might want to ask themselves, not that they can anymore control America’s electoral process than its foreign policy. Best to be prepared for the worst, however.

It has been claimed that Garland is anti-gun. Even more bizarrely, anti-pollution, as if that’s a bad thing. His biggest problem of course is being nominated by the first president in U.S. history to have his second term limited to three instead of four years. He is a victim, ultimately, of the GOP’s rejection of the United States Constitution.

This is in stark contrast to what, as Marge Baker, Executive Vice President at People For the American Way describes as, Garland’s own “deep commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law.”

What is remarkable are all the excuses being thrown about to justify the refusal to consider him for the Supreme Court. Being a Jew is certainly the most appalling. And it is amazing how meaningless “Judeo-Christian” is when it is not used in defense of supposed moral values like “traditional marriage.”

We see how valued the “Judeo” part of that ideological construct is when it turns out somebody is actually Jewish.

It is true that Donald Trump does not select his supporters. But he has the opportunity to reject their rhetoric, something he has declined to do, even going so far as to credential a white supremacist journalist at one of his rallies. The simple fact is that by not rejecting this rhetoric, Trump is giving it his tacit approval. Anyone who is not one of Fox News’ “white Christian Republicans” should be very afraid of Donald Trump and what he represents.