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In Salt Lake City, Trump Calls Romney a Choke Artist, Questions His Mormonism

Trump spoke Friday at the Infinity Event Center in Salt Lake City. And his rally faced the usual protesters,with riot-gear armed police guarding the entrance and keeping protesters at bay. The Salt Lake City Tribune called it a “tense showdown” but no one was arrested and the crowd eventually broke up and went their way.

He brought his circus freak show to Salt Lake City to say he “loves Mormons” but it is Bernie Sanders Mormons seem to love as the Democratic candidate pulled in 14,000 to his rally. Trump spoke to 500. Not exactly the Sermon on the Mount, in impact or in size.

As he usually does, this messiah of white people facing loss of privilege did speak of love while hating on an enemy.

Full speech below, from Right Side Broadcasting. Trump actually begins at about the 1 hour, 20 minute mark:

He laid it on thick. Trump told the crowd he wasn’t scheduled to stop there and did so at his personal request, rather than skipping over Salt Lake City for Phoenix.

“Based on what I see here, we might win Utah,” he said. “Really great people, thousands of people outside…but you have a better location, I must say.”

“The evangelicals have been so amazing, everybody’s so amazing, and do I love the Mormons? Okay? Do I love the Mormons? I have many friends that live in Salt Lake City. I have a lot of friends. Nah, I have a lot of friends, and by the way, Mitt Romney is not one of them. Did he choke? Did this guy choke? He’s a choke artist. I can’t believe it. Are you sure he’s a Mormon? Are we sure?”

Romney has said he is voting for Cruz in Tuesday’s caucuses.

This was standard Trump fair, other than being a little light on the love. But this is Trump the martyr, sacrificing himself to make America great again:

“He choked, he choked, it was so sad. He should have beaten Obama. We wouldn’t be working – I could be back right now. I could be back working in New York, doing my deals and having fun, being with my family…instead I’m with you, which is okay, it’s okay.

Trump, the guy who talks refers to communion by talking about his “little crackers” and “little wine,” has been handing out religious tests, first to Ben Carson, who now endorses him, and Ted Cruz. Now he questions Romney’s faith.

This is poetic justice of course, as Republicans regularly question Obama’s faith. But it’s not a question that should be asked of a candidate, since the Constitution says (Article VI, paragraph 3) that we have no religious tests for office.

Of course what Trump is trying to do is create doubt. It’s what the GOP has discovered it has a genuine talent for. When you cast doubt, you don’t have to disprove anything or offer any facts at all, which is perfect for Republicans, who never have any facts to offer. It worked for the tobacco industry fighting cancer claims, and it is working with their climate change denialism as well.

Trump also took shots at Marco Rubio (“I assume he’s not going to be endorsing me”) and Ted Cruz (“lyin’ Ted” – “One of the biggest liars I’ve seen in my life”). According to Trump, Cruz puts his Bible down and lies.

The only difference from an outsider’s perspective is that Trump doesn’t bother carrying a Bible.

Trump even suggested again that Cruz isn’t a “natural born citizen.” Doubt, doubt, and more doubt.

For once, Trump didn’t have much to say as he left. Perhaps he was tired as well as rushed, and he had bigger fish to fry in front of bigger crowds.

The big cause for celebrations seems to have been “no interruptions.” He tweeted as he left for a rally in Phoenix Saturday, where he said, “tremendous crowds [are] expected.”

“Just leaving Salt Lake City, Utah- fantastic crowd with no interruptions. Love Utah- will be back!”

That’s a threat to be taken seriously.

Photo: Screen capture, CNN.

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