Bombshell Poll Shows Democrats Would Win Utah If Trump Is The GOP Nominee

A Deseret News/KSL poll shows that if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, Democrats would be favored to win the deep red state of Utah in November.

The poll revealed that Utah voters would completely reject Trump. Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 38%-36% while Bernie Sanders leads Trump 48%-37%. Both John Kasich and Ted Cruz would win Utah. Kasich would beat Clinton 59%-29%, and Sanders 54%-35%. Ted Cruz would beat Clinton 60%-32%, and Bernie Sanders 53%-39%. Sixteen percent of those polled said that they would not vote if the matchup is Trump vs. Clinton. If the matchup is Trump vs. Sanders, 9% of Utah voters would not vote.

As polls in Michigan and Ohio previously revealed, a potential Trump nomination would see Republican voters vote in droves for the Democratic nominee. The poll in Utah highlights the degree to which many Republicans won’t vote at all if Trump is the nominee. Republicans aren’t going rally around Trump. Donald Trump also isn’t bringing millions of new people into the Republican camp.

If Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, the GOP could face a nationwide disaster of their own creation. Trump could turn dark red states like Utah blue. A Trump nomination could trigger a Democratic landslide. It doesn’t matter who the Democratic nomination is, Donald Trump puts states that have been comfortably in the Republican column for decades in jeopardy.

Utah hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in 50 years, but the Donald Trump will push towards supporting Clinton or Sanders in November. If Utah is willing to vote Democratic to stop Trump, the scope of the damage that Donald Trump will do to the Republican Party is unlimited.