Huge Crowd Of 20,000-30,000 Estimated At Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally

Hours before Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was set to speak in Seattle, WA an estimated crowd of 20,000-30,000 lined up to get into an arena that holds 17,000.

Here’s video of the huge crowd as shot by The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Genna Martin:

People at the back of the line were told that all 17,000+ seats inside the venue were full:

It is being estimated that 20,000-30,000 came out to see Sen. Sanders. The Seattle rally will be the second one in the last three days to top 14,000. While Donald Trump continues to con the media into believing that he is the candidate who is bringing new voters into the political process, it is Bernie Sanders who is exciting younger voters and energizing massive crowds from coast to coast.

The crowd for the Sanders Seattle rally was so large that it wrapped around both sides of Key Arena (the former home of the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics):

Sanders is drawing crowds that are too big for professional sports arenas. According to Donald Trump, the supporters of Sen. Sanders instigate violence, but 20,000-30,000 supporters have gathered in Seattle with zero reports of violence.

The crowd in Seattle shows that the Sanders political revolution is alive and well while also demonstrating who is really responsible for the violence at Donald Trump’s rallies.