Bernie Sanders Drops A Reality Bomb And Declares That Trump Won’t Be Elected President

Bernie Sanders dropped a reality bomb on the corporate media by declaring that Donald Trump will not be elected president.

Sanders was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his comment that Donald Trump is a pathological liar. The Democratic presidential candidate responded by unloading on Trump.


Sen. Sanders (I-VT) pointed to Politico and PolitiFact fact checks that found Trump statements untrue and said:

Overwhelmingly, almost everything he says is just not true. He just says things off the top of his head…Time after time, he says things that are just not true, and I think more and more people understand that. That is above and beyond the fact that almost every day he is insulting Latinos, and Mexicans, Muslims, women, African-Americans.

I mean there is a reason why this guy will not be elected President Of The United States. That type of temperament. That kind of divisiveness which his engendering. The kind of violence that he is encouraging is not what the American people want.

In Utah, when I beating Donald Trump by eleven points in what is one of the most conservative states in the country, it is clear to me that Donald Trump is not going to be elected President Of The United States of America.

Sanders went on to say that Trump has authoritarian tendencies that are alarming to many Republicans.

The corporate media is too busy chasing ratings and dollars to admit the truth, but Bernie Sanders has no fear of speaking the truth. Donald Trump spends every waking day on the presidential campaign trail alienating people. Presidential nominees who anger and alienate voters don’t win in November.

Sure people are afraid that Trump might win, or that Trump could win, but the reality is that he barely has the support of a majority of the Republican Party. Trump has angered so many groups of voters that will be thrilled to come out and vote against him on Election Day. If Republicans thought that Trump had a snowball’s chance of winning, they would not be trying so hard to get rid of him.

The threat that Trump poses should be taken seriously. Donald Trump is energizing a national coalition of concerned Americans that want to make certain that he is not the next President Of The United States. Trump has a puncher’s chance if he is the Republican nominee, but the odds are that Bernie Sanders is correct. If nominated, Trump won’t win in November.