Trump Flops At AIPAC With Crazed Speech Filled With Self-Promotion And Delusion

Donald Trump gave a speech at AIPAC that part self-promotion, part delusion, but definitely 100% lies.


Trump immediately went off the rails by touting his support for Israel by being the grand marshall of a parade in 2004. Trump said that his number one priority is to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal. Trump repeated his usual talking points on Iran while claiming that he has studied this issue more than anyone else.

Trump then launched into three points on how he is going to deal with Iran. Trump claimed that he knows how to deal with trouble, and that’s why he is going to be elected president. Trump lied and said that he is leading in every poll. Trump later claimed that Iran’s global terror network, “is big and powerful, but not as big and powerful as us.”

When not incoherent rambling about Iran and the United Nations, Trump was mangling the English language by managing to mispronounce the word resolutions. Trump called President Obama the worst thing to happen to Israel. Trump gave a speech which was supposed to be heavy on policy, but what he offered was empty bluster and lies. Trump repeated his claim that the United States is giving Iran $150 billion, but this claim has already been proven to be a lie.

Trump speech was full of claims about things that he is not going to let happen when he is president, but what was missing in his speech was any actual policy. Trump did was prove that he is not fit to be president. The AIPAC speech was supposed to Trump’s serious moment on the world stage. Instead, it was more of the same.

Trump’s speech would have been great comedy if he wasn’t on the verge of becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at the same venue that showed why she is ready to be president. Donald Trump’s speech illustrated why the United States of America will be a laughingstock if he is elected president.