Hillary Clinton Beats Back Bernie Sanders’ Challenge And Wins Arizona Primary

Hillary Clinton has defeated Bernie Sanders in the only Democratic primary of the night in Arizona.

The polling before the primary was sparse, but it indicated a double-digit lead for Hillary Clinton. The most recent poll was the Merrill Poll that had Hillary Clinton leading Sanders 50%-24%. As usual, the margin of victory is what matters most on the Democratic side. If Hillary Clinton beats Sen. Sanders by a big margin.

Arizona has more delegates up for grabs (85) than both of the other two caucus states tonight combined. There are 23 delegates available in Idaho, and 33 delegates in Utah.

The pattern has been very consistent in the Democratic race. Clinton tends to win the bigger delegate primary prizes while Sanders wins the smaller state caucuses. Since the Democratic primary is all about margin of victory, a win doesn’t mean as much as the size of the win. The Clinton campaign has been extremely effective at targeting the states with primaries where lots of delegates are awarded. Even when Bernie Sanders won Michigan, his margin of victory was smaller than what he needed to cut into the Clinton lead.

Bernie Sanders is outraising fundraising Hillary Clinton, outspent her on advertising, and is drawing big crowds at his rallies, but is the former Sec. of State who continues to pile up delegates and grind her way to the Democratic nomination, as the Clinton campaign’s smart delegate gathering strategy continued to play dividends in Arizona.

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