Hillary Clinton Shoots Down CNN And Dumps Trump By Refusing To Play The Insult Game

Hillary Clinton took a stand against the press’s embarrassing Trump circus by refusing to play the media’s game and respond to Donald Trump’s insults during an interview on CNN.

On CNN’s ‘Wolf’, Blitzer played a series of insults that Donald Trump spewed at Hillary Clinton on Monday. Blitzer asked Clinton if she wanted to respond to Trump’s insults.

Former Sec. of State Clinton answered, “No, I really don’t. I don’t want to respond to his constant stream of insults. I find it really at this point absurd. Let me talk about what I will do what I have done, and what kind of commander in chief I will be because I think that’s what’s at stake in this election. We need steady, smart, strong minds and hands in the White House in the Situation Room in order to deal with the problems that we face around the world. On that very first day, January 20, 2017, a new president will be in the Oval Office, and we can sit here today and predict all of the challenges and threats that will face that new president, but we know we’ve got to be both vigilant and effective in fighting terrorism. I believe I have the experience, the track record, and the temperament to do just that.”

Clinton’s exchange with Blitzer was one of the first times that a candidate has flatly refused to feed Trump and the media by responding to his insults. The Trump campaign and the media coverage is fueled by the insult back and forth that the Republican frontrunner constantly engages in. The tabloid level of conflict is what Donald Trump thrives on.

Hillary Clinton was the grown up, who refused to acknowledge the taunts of the man-child who is leading the Republican presidential primary. Clinton also said two words that are going to be a big part of her general election argument. Temperament and experience. The Clinton campaign is going to portray Trump as a dangerous combination of poor temperament and inexperience.

Clinton isn’t going to play the media’s game by making the presidential election an insult contest. Hillary Clinton is denying Trump the insult oxygen that he needs to survive. Clinton’s response on CNN was the first step in shutting down Donald Trump’s circus of lies.