Threat Analysts Label Donald Trump More Dangerous Than Global Islamist Terrorism

It is not curious or a mystery that there are two divergent opinions on the currently leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. What is really of note though, is that around the world there is only one opinion of Donald Trump and it is not flattering. Now, another group, this time of global threat experts, from around the world have weighed in with a warning about a Trump victory in November.

Many Americans comprehend the threat of a Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz for that matter, presidency to the American people and the nation as a whole, and now another well-respected organization has come out to warn the world of the Trump threat. One of the leading economic analysis groups in the world, The Economist Intelligence Unit, warned that the “negative economic impact of a Trump presidency on the world’s economy would be worse than a monumental rise in global Islamist terrorism.”

One is hard-pressed to believe that a worldwide increase in terrorist militancy would be less threatening to the world than Trump, but the Economist Intelligence Unit is a leader in making global threat forecasts based on a variety of factors as one expects from the 170 year-old journal’s renowned global economic analysts. It is noteworthy that the Economist’s analysis primarily deals with a potential Trump presidency’s impact on the world’s economy, although they correctly summarized the devastation of Trump’s stated agenda on the world, it is important to remember that if the world is adversely affected it means America’s economy was already decimated.

There is no good news for anyone in any country in the Economist’s global threat analysis of a Trump presidency. As an aside, there is little-to-no difference between the economic or foreign policy agendas of Trump, Ted Cruz, or John Kasich; Trump is just the leading candidate.

The global threat experts at the Economist singled out Trump’s “exceptional hostility towards free trade with the rest of the world,” and has been repeatedly and deliberately confrontational in condemning China as an adversarial “currency manipulator.” They also warned that the greatest threat to the world’s and America’s economic well-being is that as part of his abhorrent regard for free trade, he has pledged to economically isolate and alienate Mexico and China; actions the experts warn will rapidly escalate into a trade war.

One of the policies Trump promises to enact that will initiate a trade war is levying heavy tariffs on products coming into America. It is a move that even lousy economists know will raise not only the prices of those particular goods coming into America, but most other prices as well according to a former George H.W. Bush speechwriter Mary Kate Cary. Cary wrote that besides increasing prices on all manner of imported goods, the Trump tariffs will have the devastating downstream effects as well.

She warns that heavily-taxed imports will effectively put an immediate halt to the economic growth we have achieved after climbing out of a seriously damaging recession.  She also explained exactly who would be adversely affected the most from Trump’s economic agenda. She wrote that “the inevitable results from steeply taxing imports will be higher prices, inflation, and rapidly rising unemployment that will immediately hurt the poor and working class consumers the most.”

The threat analysts also warned that Trump, like Cruz, has taken an exceptionally right-wing stance on the Middle East and jihadi terrorism. They particularly noted that, among other things, Trump openly advocates exterminating entire families of suspected terrorists and pledged to launch a massive land invasion into Syria to wage war against the Islamic State (IS. ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) to confiscate its oil.

The Economist’s experts are not the first to warn that Trump’s militaristic tendencies towards the Middle East and intent to ban on all Muslim travel to the U.S. would be a potent recruitment tool for radical Islamic jihadi groups, increasing their threat both within the region and beyond. They did not weigh in on Trump’s threat to expel Muslims living in America although plenty of pundits have noted it is precisely the kind of action the Islamic State prefers as a recruitment tool and one Trump has been more than happy to provide.

Despite all the warnings from leaders around the world of the impending doom and gloom, and destruction, of a Trump presidency, the reality television and ‘big-time’ wrestling celebrity has significant and growing support among Republicans. The problem that continues to befuddle semi-intelligent human beings is that with each new warning about Trump’s destructive policies and agenda, his appeal within his base grows stronger.

The overriding problem with a substantial number of Americans is that their racism and xenophobia outweighs their cognitive ability, if they ever had any. In fact, it is likely true that if Jesus Christ descended from the Heavens today with a warning for Trump supporters about their demise with a Donald in the White House, they would crucify “their lord” on the spot. The warnings from any and all of these global and national experts will have even less effect on Trump’s supporters and that in and of itself is simply terrifying.

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