Bernie Sanders Defeats Hillary Clinton In The Utah Democratic Caucus


Bernie Sanders lived up to expectations and defeated Hillary Clinton in the Utah Democratic caucus.

The most recent poll of Utah Democrats was the KSL/Desert News Poll which found that Sanders led Clinton 52%-44%, “Sanders, who has the support of 52 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers in the poll to 44 percent for Clinton, appeals to Utah voters because he’s seen as “authentic. He is true to himself and we like that,” Tom Love of Love Communications said.

Hillary Clinton is generally not a popular political figure in the very conservative state of Utah, and it is easy to see how the integrity based and very genuine campaign of Sen. Sanders would appeal to Utah Democrats.


Bernie Sanders needs every win that he can get, so the victory is Utah is welcomed by the Sanders campaign. Last Tuesday’s five straight defeats were a nightmare scenario for the Sanders campaign. Winning two or all three of the contests will allow the Sanders campaign to get back to their message that they are not out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

The Democratic race has become very consistent. Hillary Clinton wins the big delegate primaries while Bernie Sanders cleans up at the smaller state caucuses.

Sanders got an important win for momentum, but it is likely that Clinton will expand her delegate lead.