Bernie Sanders Makes Republicans Shudder By Ripping Cowardly Vote Suppressing Governors


Bernie Sanders sent terror through the hearts of Republicans by calling out the vote suppression tactics of Republican governors during his rally in San Diego, CA.

During his rally in San Diego, CA, Sen. Sanders said:

Democracy is not a complicated process. It really isn’t. It means that you have one vote, you have one vote, you have one vote. You want to vote for me? You want to vote against me? That’s fine. What democracy does not mean is that billionaires can spend unlimited sums of money to elect candidates who represent the wealthy and the powerful. That is not democracy.

Democracy is not about cowardly Republican governors trying to suppress the vote. And all over this country what we are seeing is Republican governors making it harder for poor people, for people of color, for young people, for old people to vote. And I say to those cowardly governors if you are not prepared to engage in a free and democratic election, get another job. Get out of politics.

Bernie Sanders fears no one in politics. Sen. Sanders is taking on the billionaires. He is challenging the special interests, and he is calling out the undeniable pattern of vote suppression that Republican governors have been engaging in for years. Republicans can’t win a contest of ideas, so they spend their time trying to shape the electorate to their favor by passing laws that make it more difficult for people who don’t support them to vote.


It speaks volumes about the character of Bernie Sanders that shortly after losing the biggest primary of the night, he spent a few moments of his national television time defending the right of every eligible American to vote.

This is why Sen. Sanders has become a giant of American in the 2016 election.