Bernie Sanders Looks To Build On National Poll Lead With Big Rally In Wisconsin

On the same day that a new poll found Bernie Sanders edging Hillary Clinton 49%-48% nationally, the Sanders campaign announced a big rally in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday.

According to Bloomberg Politics, “The collection of enthusiastic first-time voters, those under 35, men, and self-described independents that he’s leaned on to win in states like New Hampshire and Colorado are keeping Sanders in the race, as is his message singularly focused on addressing income inequality.”

The Sanders campaign is looking to build on their momentum by rallying progressive voters in Madison ahead of the critical Wisconsin primary:

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday will travel to Wisconsin. The Democratic Party presidential candidate will hold a rally in Madison. Sanders will discuss a wide range of issues, including getting big money out of politics, his plan to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, combating climate change and ensuring universal health care.

The Bloomberg Politics poll should be viewed with a huge asterisk because it included Independents along with Democrats when surveying about the Clinton/Sanders matchup. The reality is that the three largest remaining delegate prizes on the Democratic side are either closed primaries (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey), or semi-closed (California). What the Bloomberg poll measured won’t be an accurate reflection of the electorate in three of the four largest remaining states.

The poll is useful for the Sanders campaign regarding momentum, and the next huge contest in the Democratic race after Washington on Saturday will occur in Wisconsin. The Sanders campaign has a good shot at winning Wisconsin, but to capture the Democratic nomination, Sen. Sanders will have to win the remaining contests by large margins. Sanders is ramping his effort in Wisconsin with a rally at a venue that holds 10,000+.

Bernie Sanders is looking to use the good national polling and his ability to draw big crowds as a dual launching pad that will propel his campaign to victory in the Badger State and beyond.