Trump, like Cruz, Shows in Profiling Muslims, ‘He Doesn’t Know What the Hell He’s Talking About’

Ted Cruz showed his bigot colors the other day when he claimed we have to patrol Muslim neighborhoods (no doubt a reference to those imaginary “no-go” zones). Donald Trump says forget that, why let them live here in the first place?

Trump got together Tuesday with Michael Savage to talk about the Brussels terrorist attacks and Savage immediately said Trump had been proven “100 percent right” about all things Muslim.

Trump loves to hear that he was “100 percent right” and as you know if you’ve been following the news, he is “100 percent right 100 percent of the time.” Just check his Twitter feed.

Where Brussels is concerned, Trump said, again falling into the trap of thinking what he says must be true,

“Now it’s a hellhole. I’m getting a lot of credit for having vision and for having foresight.”

And lambasted for not knowing what the hell you’re talking about. We’ll get to that in a moment.

So on top of banning Muslim immigration, Trump said,

“We have to have tremendous surveillance and that includes the mosques. We have to be intelligent people.”

And terribly bigoted. Walls and surveillance. Sounds more like East Germany than the United States.

Take a listen of this spew courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

A shibboleth is a belief distinguishing a particular group of people. “Politically correct” is the new conservative shibboleth. So this is where Trump pulled out the “political correctness” shibboleth:

“These people aren’t coming from Sweden or Norway or Denmark or, frankly, from China, they’re not coming from — they’re coming from a certain part of the world and we have to be smart and we cannot be politically correct.”

Wow. Even the Chinese are preferable to Semites for Donald Trump. Of course, the Chinese make his shirts and ties:


So yes, oh dear, here we go again.

As Catherine Rampell wrote in The Washington Post this past August, “Quit accusing Democrats of runaway political correctness. Republicans are just as keen on censoring speech — but it’s a different kind of speech they choose to censor.”


Anyway, this is where Savage asked Trump point-blank if he would behave exactly like Ted Cruz, without actually mentioning Ted Cruz of course:

Savage: “Would profiling be part of a Trump plan to combat terror?”
Trump: “I would say yes.”

There you go. This is typical white man behavior: blame an entire people for the behavior of a few. This principle must never be applied to white people, of course, let alone Christians.

Given that Christians kill far more people in the United States than Muslims, by their logic, we should be banning Christian immigration and profiling Christians and monitoring churches.

It only makes sense. If any of this makes sense.

Obviously, this isn’t what America is about. It is, rather, precisely what America was always supposed to be opposed to, repression of the many by the few. The Constitution says we are all equal before the law. Trump and Cruz, should either of them win, would be expected to swear to uphold the Constitution.

Trump, like Cruz, praised the New York Police Department spying on Muslims. Never mind – and never mentioned – that the chief of said police department, Commissioner Bill Bratton, tore Cruz a new one for his own claims, saying,

“He doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about, to be frank with you. While he’s running around here, he probably has some Muslim officers guarding him.”

So what Trump is telling us is that like Cruz, he “doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.”

That’s the way to work it, Donald. As Bratton said, and as Trump would do well to hear,

“You’ve got to be careful when you paint with a broad brush, because you tend to spill some of that paint on yourself.”