Keith Olbermann The View On Why Trump won't win

Keith Olbermann Returns And Perfectly Explains Why Donald Trump Will Not Win

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:52 pm

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Keith Olbermann returned to talking about politics, with an appearance on The View where he perfectly explained why Donald Trump won’t win.


Olbermann said, “Because of the premise of the campaign, I don’t think he has a reasonable chance of being elected. At this point, from what I’m hearing, I don’t even think he’s going to get the nomination. Because I think the Republican Party is going to say, everybody who is in the Republican Party goes if he wins, we all lose our jobs. If he loses, we all lose our jobs. He’s probably not going to win. Let’s make sure he doesn’t lose. We’re going to lose the party to him one way or another. Everybody in the Republican Party, in the establishment, has a self-interest in keeping him away because he could bring down congressional results.”

Keith Olbermann also shot down Trump threat of riots if he is denied the nomination, “To be fair, who are the people who are supporting him, generally speaking? What I’m saying is they’re mostly people who can’t really be trusted to find their own homes again once they leave them.”

The former ESPN/MSNBC anchor explained that Republicans are really good at preventing things that are supposed to happen from happening. Olbermann said, “This is their own house. This isn’t some governmental agency. They can do what they want. They can change the rules….Whatever rule they need to make to make sure that he doesn’t get the nomination.”

Olbermann was 100% right. The only path that Trump has to the Republican nomination is getting 1,237 delegates. If Trump doesn’t reach the magic number, Republicans will make sure that he is not the nominee. Olbermann’s comments on The View should remind those on the left of why his presence is so sorely missed on television. In a corporate media landscape that is dominated by conservative talking heads, Olbermann brings outstanding broadcasting skills and a point of view that is nearly invisible in the mass media landscape.

In the election cycle of Trump, the American people need to hear the voices of those of the left who are being intentionally shut out of the corporate media.

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