Massive Crowd Size Forces Bernie Sanders To Delay Start Of Safeco Field Rally In Seattle

The lines were so long for supporters who were waiting to get into the Bernie Sanders rally at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA that the Sanders campaign was forced to delay the start of the event to allow everyone to is seated.

More than 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of the rally, it was announced at Safeco that, “Bernie would be out shortly,” but that the start of the event was being delayed because there were still long lines of people who were waiting to get into the 54,000 seat venue.

Here is a shot of the crowd from @seattlepi:

A picture of the line outside of the stadium:

Dustin Gagne a photojournalist at Q13 Fox tweeted:

The only question ahead of the rally is will the crowd for Sen. Sanders top 50,000? The fact that the Sanders campaign is delaying the start of the rally to get as many people inside as possible suggests that they are eyeing a gigantic crowd that will blow any other event out of the water.

UPDATE: Sen. Sanders took the stage a 50 minutes after the original start time.