Massive Crowd of 20,000+ At Safeco Field For Bernie Sanders Hours Before WA Caucus

A gigantic crowd estimated at 20,000+ came out to hear the Democratic presidential candidate speak at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA.

The Seattle Times estimated the crowd to be at 20,000, “Bernie Sanders is being introduced, and will step out shortly. The crowd of about 20,000 has filled up most of Safeco Field’s lower bowl, from first base to the left field foul pole.”

Officially, the Sanders campaign said that 15,100 seats were filled, “Bernie Sanders supporters filled more than 15,100 seats at the Seattle Mariners’ baseball park on Friday one day before Democrats here head to caucuses to determine who to nominate for president.”

During his speech, Sen. Sanders told the crowd that tomorrow morning they are going to tell the world that they demand a government that represents all of us, not just a few wealthy contributors.

Sanders said that a win in Washington would open the door for his campaign to win the West and win the Democratic nomination. Trump mentioned Donald Trump and said, “Don’t worry, Trump won’t become president.”

Later, Sen. Sanders announced that his campaign had crossed 6 million contributions and said that his campaign has set the record for the most contributions to a campaign.

Sanders hit former Sec. of State Clinton for her super PACs and again called on her to release the transcript of her speeches to Wall Street. The Democratic candidate said that his campaign is doing well because they are listening to the American people, not special interest contributors.

The West is key for Sen. Sanders hopes to be the Democratic nominee. If he wins big in tomorrow’s caucuses, it will give him the momentum to do well in the critical open primary in Wisconsin. A win in Wisconsin would boost Sanders into New York and then the other big delegate states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The key to the Sanders strategy is being in a position to challenge for the delegate lead before the California primary. The large venue rallies that the Sanders campaign is putting on are expensive, but they can be an effective way to get media attention and build enthusiasm.

The rally at Safeco Field was designed to fire up supporters and get them out to caucus in Washington. There have been reports that many of the attendees were from out of town and out of state, but the audience for the rally wasn’t just the people at the ballpark. The intended audience was Democrats and Independents who will watch the late local news, or the morning news shows, see the video of the big crowd, and decide that the Bernie Sanders political revolution is something that they have to be a part of.

Hours before thew caucus, the big crowd at Safeco was a good omen for Bernie Sanders.

Editor’s Note: Story updated with official Sanders campaign crowd total of 15,100.