Bernie Sanders Shoots Down The Corporate Media’s Attempt To Kill His Campaign

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders shot down the corporate media’s attempt to silence his campaign during an interview on ABC’s This Week.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: So you’ve won big out there in those three states. You’re still way behind in the delegate count.

But does that — what does this mean for the race?

Does this mean you are absolutely —



KARL: — going through to the —

SANDERS: — what it — Jonathan, what it means is we won three landslides last night. We’ve won six out of seven contests in the last 11 days. We’ve cut Secretary Clinton’s lead by a third during that period of time.

A national poll just came out that had us 1 point ahead of Secretary Clinton, when we started 60 points behind. And every national and state poll that I have seen, virtually every one, has us defeating Donald Trump. CNN had us defeating him by 20 points.

Clearly we have the momentum. And I think, at the end of the day, we’re going to end up with more pledged delegates than Secretary Clinton.

And then I think the super delegates are going to have make a very difficult decision and that is, if a candidate wins in a state by 40 or 50 points, who are you going to give your vote to?

And, second of all, which candidate is better positioned to defeat Trump or any of the other Republican candidates?

I think a lot of the super delegates are going to conclude that it’s Bernie Sanders.

KARL: But you still need 73 percent of the delegates going forward, which is a huge —


SANDERS: No, we don’t. No, no, no.

KARL: Well —

SANDERS: No, I don’t accept that. That is not the case. You’re assuming that every super delegate who now supports Secretary Clinton will stay with her. You’re not taking into consideration the fact there are hundreds of delegates, super delegates, who have not yet made a decision. We think we can win many of them.

And what we showed yesterday is, in fact, the momentum is with us; we think we’re going to do well in Wisconsin. We think we got a real shot in New York. And then we go out to California. You go out to Oregon. That’s the most progressive part of America. We think we’re going to do very well there.

So I will not deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs, but we have come a long, long way, you will have to concede, in the last 10 months. We do have a path toward victory.

Sen. Sanders was right. His campaign does remain an underdog effort. Hillary Clinton is closer to clinching the Democratic nomination than Bernie Sanders. It is also true that everyone, including the Clinton campaign, expected the recent run of Sanders victories.

Wisconsin is where the Democratic race will get real again. Neither candidate will have a big advantage going into the state. Former Sec. of State Clinton’s path to the nomination remains easier and more likely than that of Sen. Sanders, but for a conservative corporate media token like Jon “Benghazi emails” Karl to try to bury Sanders after he has won six of the last seven contests is absurd.

The corporate press is so hooked on Donald Trump and the Republican primary contest that they are looking for excuses not to talk about the Democratic primary race. The two serious candidates in the presidential race (Clinton and Sanders) are being done a major disservice by media’s obsession with Trump.

The Sanders campaign isn’t dead yet, and the Democratic contest is far from over.

As much as the media wishes that they could ignore Democrats, Clinton and Sanders are holding an exciting and intelligent primary that deserves more national attention than it is getting.

Jon Karl’s attempted burial of the Sanders campaign was a reflection of the media bias that Democrats have faced throughout this election.