As Democrats Roll Towards November, Trump Is Threatening To Sue The GOP

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:52 pm

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As Donald Trump threatens to sue the Republican Party, Democrats are organizing and rolling towards November.

Trump, who didn’t bother to learn the delegate rules, is threatening to sue the Republican Party because Ted Cruz may come out of Louisiana with more delegates.

Trump tweeted:

The state director of the Louisiana Republican Party said that Trump was awarded the delegates that he was supposed to get for winning the state. Cruz isn’t getting extra delegates but is swooping in to grab Marco Rubio’s now unbound delegates.

Donald Trump threw a tantrum on Twitter because the Cruz campaign has a better understanding of the rules, and is outworking the frontrunner for delegates. Ted Cruz followed the rules and beat Trump, but as usual, when Trump screws up, he doesn’t take responsibility. He threatens to sue. Of course, he doesn’t actually sue anyone, but for decades in the business world, Trump has gotten his own way by threatening lawsuits.

While the Republican Party is being torn apart by the fact that their own frontrunner is threatening to sue them, Democrats continue to roll along towards November.

Democrats are set up to win in November because as a party they have their act together. There isn’t going to be any major discord after the Democratic primary ends. A recent poll by Monmouth University found that a firm 65% of Sanders supporters will vote for Hillary Clinton is she the nominee. Only 20% of Sanders said that they would not vote for Clinton in November, but that number is expected to drop once the Democratic contest ends.

The Democratic Party will come out of their primary unified and ready for November while Republicans are trying to steal the nomination from the frontrunner who is threatening to sue.

Democrats continue to organize for November while Republicans are finding different ways to self-destruct and fall apart.

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