Bernie Sanders Stands With Workers And Slams GOP After Unions Get Supreme Court Win

Bernie Sanders used labor’s victory in a deadlocked Supreme Court case to stand with America’s workers and warn that Republicans are one conservative Supreme Court justice away from gutting organized labor.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said:

Today’s split decision underscores the need to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who will protect the constitutional rights of American workers to collectively bargain for fair wages and safe working conditions.

The extreme right wing is just one conservative Supreme Court justice away from dismantling the rights of public sector unions to organize and collectively bargain on behalf of all of the workers they are legally bound to represent. We cannot allow that to happen.

From Wisconsin to California, the extreme right wing has been waging a war to dismantle unions all over this country. That is a war they cannot be allowed to win.

Working people in this country need a seat at the bargaining table to fight for higher wages, decent health care, a secure retirement and a safe working environment. Public sector unions are that voice. And if I am elected president, I’m not going to let the Supreme Court take away that voice.

While Republican governors like Scott Walker and the Koch brothers may not like it, we are going to make it easier, not harder, for American workers to form a union. We need to expand, not eliminate, the collective bargaining rights of all Americans. When unions are strong, the middle class is strong.

Sen. Sanders was correct. Republicans are one conservative Supreme Court justice away from gutting public sector unions. The base of labor’s power and membership is in the public sector, so if a Republicans win the 2016 election, the nation’s labor unions will be in danger.

On the other hand, a fifth liberal justice would be in a position to protect collective bargaining rights.

Unionized workers earn wages that are 27% higher than non-union workers:


If the next president is serious about rebuilding the middle class by raising wages, increasing union membership is essential. Sen. Sanders understands that unions give workers the power to negotiate higher wages and better benefits, which is why he is standing with American’s workers, and warning that the outcome of the 2016 presidential election could impact the lives of millions of workers.

America doesn’t need a dealmaker president. Today’s Supreme Court decision demonstrates that America needs a president who will protect and expand workers’ rights to unionize and collectively bargain. After World War II, unions built the middle class, and if given the opportunity, they are the key to rebuilding the middle class in the 21st Century.

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