Delusional Trump Denies Reality In Order to Defend Woman Battering Campaign Manager

Wondering how Republican front-runner Donald Trump would react to the news that his campaign manager was charged with battery after surveillance video caught him allegedly manhandling a female reporter from the very conservative Breitbart?

Accountability? No thanks!

Donald Trump denied reality this afternoon, tweeting that we should look at the tapes, there is “nothing there”!

The problem is that Lewandowski was charged because police DID look at the tapes and there was something there, and that something was consistent with the “grabbing injury” on Michelle Fields’ arm.

A few minutes later, in a rather sad and desperate attempt to cast aspersions on Fields, Trump tried to muddy the waters with this:

Oh, so his campaign manager DID assault Fields but we shouldn’t care because allegedly she lied? How original. This is also different from Trump’s claim that Lewandowski did “nothing”. But the tape proves otherwise.

At least Trump is wrapping up the woman abuser vote. He can add that to the voters who believe Obama is not a Christian and wasn’t born here.