Donald Trump’s Bad Week Gets Worse As 3 Protesters Sue Him For Assault and Battery

Three protesters have filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, his campaign, and two of his supporters for assault, battery, and negligence stemming from the violence at a Trump rally in Louisville, KY.

According to Katy Tur of NBC News:

The woman in the video below is one of the three plaintiffs in the lawsuit:

According to LEX18, “Attorneys say that instead of using security, Trump’s supporters violently kicked the people out while saying racial slurs.”

It was only a matter of time until Trump and his supporters were sued over the violence at his rallies. Donald Trump is legally responsible for any injuries that he may be found liable for because it is his campaign that rents the venues. Donald Trump’s campaign events are considered private events, as such, the candidate and his campaign are responsible for the well-being and security of the attendees.

Trump’s bad week just got a whole lot worse, and this won’t be the last time that someone who gets injured at one of his rallies sues the candidate. The Republican frontrunner has spent much of the campaign threatening to sue everyone from media outlets to his fellow Republican presidential candidates. The shoe is now on the other foot, as people innocent people who were harmed by the violence that the candidate’s rhetoric intentionally incited are stepping up to demand that he be held accountable.

Donald Trump needs to learn that words have consequences. The incitement of violence as a media strategy is not acceptable. Trump will likely respond to the lawsuit with empty tough talk, but the one fact that can’t be avoided is that Donald J. Trump is the only presidential candidate who is being sued for the violence at his rallies.

As his presidential campaign spirals out of control, the civil lawsuit is another nail in the coffin for Donald Trump.