Obama Obstruction Has Made Mitch McConnell America’s Most Hated Politician

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s years of Obama obstruction have not gone unnoticed by the American people. According to a new poll, McConnell is the most hated political figure in America.

According to PPP, “Mitch McConnell has a 16/64 approval rating nationally, including 10/70 with independents. He’s the most unpopular major political figure in the country, and being associated with him may not be good news for the members of his caucus seeking reelection across the country this year.”

McConnell’s net approval is a whopping (-48). Donald Trump has a nearly equal disapproval rating (63%), but his approval rating is 13 points higher than McConnell’s (29). Trump’s net favorable rating (-34) is 14 point’s higher than that of the Senate Majority Leader. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s net approval rating of (-7) looks like a wave of popularity compared to McConnell. Ted Cruz (-28) is twenty net points more popular than Mitch McConnell, and even Mitt Romney with a net (-43) favorable rating is more popular than McConnell.

The years that McConnell has spent blocking legislative progress in the United States Senate have turned him into a near universally reviled political figure. McConnell’s lack of popularity can be traced back to his decision to try to make President Obama a one-term president by obstructing the president’s agenda.

McConnell’s decision to not even allow a hearing and vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee have made the Senate Majority Leader one of the most unpopular national politicians in modern American history. If Republicans lose the Senate in 2016, McConnell’s decision to not allow the legislative process to function correctly will be a big reason why.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader has finally won the title that he has always deserved. Mitch McConnell is America’s most hated politician.