Republican Blockade Collapsing As 2 More GOP Senators To Meet Obama SCOTUS Nominee

The Senate Republican blockade of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is collapsing as two more Republican senators have agreed to meet with Merrick Garland.

Politico reported:

At least two Senate Republicans plan to meet with Merrick Garland next week, suggesting there’s momentum behind the Democratic campaign to pressure the GOP into at least one-on-one meetings with the Supreme Court nominee, if not an actual confirmation vote this year.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine had said during an interview with a Maine radio station earlier this week she will meet with Garland. And a spokesman for Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas said Thursday that he is planning one as well.

“My understanding is that is currently being worked out for next week,” Boozman spokesman Patrick Creamer said in an email.

Ten Republicans total are now on record as wanting to or planning to meet with President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. The White House is planning on scheduling meetings with a dozen Republican senators as part of their campaign to turn up the pressure and get the president’s nominee confirmed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell originally tried to enforce a blockage of Garland that including no meetings, no hearings, and no voters, but the public backlash has been so strong against the Obama obstruction that endangered Republican senators in blue and purple states have immediately broken with McConnell. In Illinois, endangered incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Kirk went as far as to tell McConnell and his fellow GOP senators to man up and vote on Garland’s nomination.

Mitch McConnell is now the most hated politician in America, and Republicans are facing certain defeat if they follow his strategy of total Obama Supreme Court nominee obstruction. Sen. McConnell is steering the GOP Titanic straight into the iceberg, and Republicans senators are desperately looking for the lifeboats.