With The Entire World Watching, Obama Annihilates Trump On Foreign Policy

At his press conference following the Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama all but called Republican frontrunner Donald Trump danger to the world who doesn’t know much about anything related to foreign policy.


In response to a question about Trump’s recent foreign policy statements, the President said:

What do the statements you mentioned tell us? They tell us that the person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the Korean peninsula, or the world generally.

It came up on the sidelines, and I’ve said before people pay attention to American elections. What we do is really important to the rest of the world, and even in those countries that are used to a carnival atmosphere in their own politics want sobriety and clarity when it comes to U.S. elections because they understand the president of the United States needs to know what’s going on around the world and has to put in place the kinds of policies that lead not only to our security and prosperity, but has an impact on everybody else’s security and prosperity.

Our alliance with Japan and the Republic of Korea is one of the foundations, one of the cornerstones of our presence in the Asia-Pacific region. It is unwritten the peace and prosperity of that region. It has been an enormous boon to American commerce and American influence, and it has prevented the possibilities of a nuclear installation and conflict between countries that in the past and throughout history have been engaged in hugely destructive conflicts and controversies, so you don’t mess with that. It is an investment that rests on the sacrifices that our men and women made back in World War II when they were fighting throughout the Pacific. It is because of their sacrifices and the wisdom that American foreign policymakers have showed after World War II that we have been able to avoid catastrophe in those regions, and we don’t want somebody in the Oval Office who doesn’t recognize how important that is.

Obama’s message to the rest of the world was clear. The Republican Party’s mistake does not speak for the United States of America. The President’s message to US voters was also clear. Donald Trump represents a danger to the American people because his ignorance jeopardizes global security.

President Obama destroyed Trump and showed the entire world the difference between a real president and a pretender who is not fit to hold the office.