In Pictures: Sarah Palin’s Spectacular Wisconsin Crash And Burn

Behold the cringing in second hand embarrassment, the dismay, the boredom and the contempt on the faces of Wisconsin Republicans’ faces during Sarah Palin’s pro-Trump speech Friday evening.

Click on an image to enlarge:

The audience tried valiantly to be respectful of their party’s former VP nominee, turning their faces away when they started to smirk or laugh, looking away and pretending it wasn’t happening, stoically resigning themselves to see it out until the end, and even managing applause for a Benghazi conspiracy line, but they were clearly trying to distance themselves from Palin.

In case you think those screengrabs were cherry picked, watch the entire speech for yourself if you dare – warning, it lacks Palin’s usual fire because to some extent she requires audience feedback to fire up her charisma, but also because Palin appeared to be trying to seriously tackle a few issues, only to land with a thud on an empty page and just wander away with a dispirited jab at the bad guys.

Here it is in full:

The crowd stood for Palin at the end of her speech, out of courtesy it seemed. It was not comparable to the boisterous applause the crowd showered on Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Scott Walker.