Trump Creates A Political Disaster By Sending Sarah Palin To Speak For Him In Wisconsin

Donald Trump sent Sarah Palin to speak for him at a Milwaukee County Republican gathering. The result was a total disaster.


Palin opened with a joke that bombed, and her schtick was met with stone cold silence. The problem was obvious. Palin was her usual unhinged and disjointed self. She later attacked immigrants with the bizarre claim of immigrants receiving gift baskets, “What the heck are you thinking, candidates? What the heck are you thinking when you’re actually asking for more immigrants — even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in. Even inducing and seducing them with gift baskets. Come on over the border and here’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls. What are you thinking? It’s just inviting more.”

Roughly five minutes into her speech, it was clear that the audience was praying for this nightmare to end:


Sarah Palin continued to ramble on and on and on. Palin unintentionally provoked laughter from the crowd by claiming that Donald Trump talks rationally about foreign policy, “Only Trump talks rationally, about listening to top brass as president, and hiring the best of the best to work alongside our commander-in-chief.”

Palin tried to bash the media by claiming that they let their chosen ones get away without answering questions while completely ignoring the fact that nobody has gotten a bigger free pass from the press than Donald Trump. It was clear to see that Palin either wasn’t following her speech transcript, or she never had one. Palin had some notes, and like Trump, she appeared to wing it.

Milwaukee Republicans are the heart and soul of Wisconsin’s never Trump movement, but the Trump campaign managed to make the situation even worse by sending Sarah Palin to speak. If the Trump campaign had any electoral skills or political awareness, they would have sent the candidate himself to at least take on the never Trump movement directly. Instead, Trump took the coward’s way out and sent Palin into a room where the audience looked they would rather die than listen to one more second of incoherent Palin babble.

These people despised Sarah Palin, and the great Alaska quitter was too full of her own arrogance to notice or care. The easiest and most obvious point is that Sarah Palin bombed in the speech, but what speaks volumes about the Trump campaign is that they sent Palin to deliver the speech in the first place.

Donald Trump was already losing in Wisconsin, but his decision not to speak to key Republicans when he had the chance may have just turned a likely defeat into a landslide win for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.