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Trump Supporters Continue to Fantasize About Women Liking Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:53 pm

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According to conservative “political communications consultant” Curtis Ellis, writing at World Net Daily, Donald Trump is just fine with women, and women with him, because the ladies – “often the keeper of the family budget” – dig Trump’s “economic nationalism message.”

Whatever. If there is one things conservatives have shown us that we can bank on, it is that they are able to convince themselves that up is down and down is up. It’s Karl Rove’s Republican math, resurrected again and again at need.

We have already seen that Trump is viewed unfavorably by 7 out of every 10 women, and that only 1 in 4 women view him favorably. And it isn’t just Gallup – CNN’s own polling published March 31 mirrors Gallup’s:

Overall, 73% of female voters in a mid-March CNN/ORC poll said they had a negative view of Trump, just 26% view him positively. That unfavorable number is up 14 points in the last few months: from 59% in December and 67% in late February. Even Republican women, who mostly have favorable views of Trump, are more likely to report unfavorable opinions now than they were a few months ago, 39% unfavorable in March vs. 29% in December. Among men, however, there has been no such shift, with 54% holding an unfavorable view in December, 52% in February and 57% now.

According to Ellis, Mexicans and Chinese are taking women’s jobs!

There’s the waitress, always a single mom in the story told by candidates eager to show how they relate to “real people.” When the factory down the street closes, the crowd for lunch or happy hour disappears – and so do her tips and job.
Maybe this woman works as a shop girl instead of a waitress. The Americans who are replaced by Mexicans or Chinese were also her customers. They aren’t anymore.

Yes, Ellis wants readers to forget that because of Trump, American jobs are going overseas to make Trump’s line of clothing in Mexico and China. Yet somehow, American jobs are sacrosanct. And women get that. Because apparently they can’t read? Or understand photographs? Like this one?

And he says he has proof: “[W]e’re told it’s all about the Real Women of America – there’s just no way he can reach them. But a survey conducted by Americans for Limited Government puts paid to that notion.”

That’s funny. Americans for a limited government. Would these be the same Americans who want Republicans to regulate our sex lives? Our use of contraception? Our right to abortions? Who we can have sex with? Who we can marry?

Yes. Those Republicans. Because the only things Republicans really want limited is the right of the government to regulate corporations and Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry. You gotta carry that fetus to term, even if it’s dead, and if it’s not dead already, it soon will be because damn straight you’re not getting any assistance to keep it alive, or access to affordable healthcare, or breathable air or drinkable water or edible food. And that’s if you’re not already under six feet of water due to rising sea levels.

You see where this is coming from, and where it is going.

Ellis’ bizarre conclusion, which flies in the face of poll after poll, is that “Time and again, economic issues trumped the feminist and gay agenda items championed by progressive demagogues.”

One thing sure to win women voters is knowing that their livelihood depends upon men’s wages:

And don’t forget how we’re told women doing the same job earn less than men – that reliable “women’s issue.” Well, when wages for men fall thanks to offshoring and immigration, women’s wages fall even lower.

Boy, those conservatives sure know how to frame an argument, don’t they? Remember, this is from the same wisdom pool that sent Sarah Palin, as Trump’s spokesperson to the people of Wisconsin.

The problem for Trump and his followers is that what you don’t know can hurt you, and Trump is about to be hit by a bus of female outrage on Election Day 2016. Closing their eyes to the facts won’t make it hurt any less. Wishes are not horses.

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