Iowans Punish Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley For His Obama Obstruction

Democrats are mocking Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s “very bad recess” because it was a recess full of angry constituents demanding that he do his job. Of course Grassley has no intention of doing the job he is paid to do, and was left holding the McConnell bag of excuses, which are – as I’m sure you’ve  heard – très flimsy.

Senate Democrats didn’t have to do much but clip a bunch of papers during the two-week recess to prove their point that Senator Grassley (R-IA) had a “no good, very bad recess” being blasted for his SCOTUS obstructionism.

Democrats note dryly, “At nearly every home state event he held, the first question asked of Senator Grassley was why he refused to do his job. Many Iowans not only expressed confusion, but also anger and frustration at the Senator’s hardline stance, and this criticism did not go unnoticed by the local press as reports of Iowans’ focus on the Supreme Court vacancy made front page news and local editorials continued to condemn Senator Grassley.”

The Democrats were kind enough to pass along this sampling of clippings to prove their point and yikes, it’s not good for Grassley:



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  • Denison Bulletin Review: Students quiz Grassley on Supreme Court nominee, immigration and agriculture [LINK]
  • Iowa Public Radio: ISU Professor: History Sets Precedent for Scheduling SCOTUS Nomination Hearings [LINK]


Nothing to see here, people! Grassley will continue to parrot McConnell’s fictional “Biden rule” as an excuse for refusing to do his job, while meanwhile the very same obstructionism and juvenile pettiness is making Donald Trump their party’s front-runner.

The Republican party is the party of spoiled children, who are so low as to refuse to even meet with let alone hold hearings (their job) with a Justice Garland. The last time Garland was nominated he was confirmed 76-23. So Garland is clearly a bipartisan nominee.

Things are so dire that today, sixty-eight lawyers who clerked for Justice Garland sent a letter to Senate leadership begging them to do their job.

Everyone is begging Republicans to do their job but like the petulant children they have regressed into, they are steadfastly refusing even when it costs them personally. It’s called spite and it’s very unattractive in a lawmaker.

This is just the start of the punishment. This isn’t going to end well for Republicans.