Bernie Sanders Warns That Real Change Is Coming After Winning Wisconsin


Sen. Bernie Sanders used his speech after his victory in the Wisconsin primary to put the billionaires and Republicans on notice that real change is coming to the United States of America.

At a rally in Wyoming, Sen. Sanders said:

I am particularly grateful and pleased that at a time when many of the pundits said you know those young people, they don’t want to get involved in politics. They’re not really concerned about the major issues facing our country. They’re too busy with their video games or whatever. Well, you know what’s happening? All of this country young people are standing up and saying, you know what? We want to help determine the future of this country that we are going to inherit.

What momentum is about is that all across this country the American people are looking all around them, and they understand that real change in our country’s history whether it is the trade union movement, whether it is the civil rights movement, whether it is the women’s movement, whether it is the gay rights movement, they understand that real change never ever takes place from the top on down. It always takes place from the bottom on up.

Bernie Sanders was sending a message to the Republicans, billionaire class, and special interests that young people are being empowered to bring real change the United States of America. Sen. Sanders celebrated his victory in Wisconsin by taking his message to Wyoming. Bernie Sanders is the political version of Johnny Appleseed. Sanders is planting the seeds of political revolution at major rallies from sea to shining sea.

The Sanders speech highlighted both why his campaign is successful and why his revolution will continue beyond the race for the Democratic nomination. The platform that Bernie Sanders is championing will not go away, even if Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee.


Real change is coming to this country, no matter who the Democratic nominee is. Bernie Sanders has started a political revolution that is bigger than one primary or presidential election, and the Sanders political revolution won’t stop until the government has been returned back to the people.