Donald Trump Throws A Tantrum And Accuses Ted Cruz Of Illegal Activity In Wisconsin

Donald Trump has thrown a fit after losing Wisconsin and accused Ted Cruz of illegal campaign activity.

Robert Costa tweeted the full sore loser statement from the Trump campaign:

In case anyone had any doubts about how unpresidential Donald Trump could get, this statement showed how low Trump can go. Trump didn’t bother to congratulate Cruz on his win. Nope, in the mind of Donald Trump, the only way that he can ever be beaten is by being cheated. Trump constantly accuses those who get the best of him of cheating.

Trump made a very serious allegation against Ted Cruz. If Cruz were illegally coordinating with any super PACs, it would be a violation of federal law. If the Trump campaign has any evidence of illegal coordination, they need to file a complaint with the FEC, but the Donald Trump campaign will never file the complaint because they have no evidence that Ted Cruz broke the law.

The Trump campaign’s allegation that Ted Cruz is nothing more than the weapon of choice for the GOP to deny him the nomination is true, but the entire statement reads like the complaints of the poor little rich boy who is upset that he can’t win everything all of the time. One of the most overlooked facets of Trump’s personality is that he really believes his own hype. Donald Trump believes that he is the smartest guy in any room. Trump believes that if he loses his opponent must have cheated.

Trump views his Wisconsin defeat as the Republican Party ganging up on him. This is a savvy bit of manipulation from a candidate who knows that a large segment of the Republican Party distrusts its leadership. Donald Trump is tantruming, but he is also playing to the rage of Republican voters. It is time for Trump to put his money where his mouth is. If he has proof that the Republican Party is using illegal tactics to beat him, he needs to show it.

Otherwise, America is getting bored with Trump’s tantrums, because the country wants a leader, not someone who is going to throw a fit everytime that they don’t get their own way.