Trump In Full Meltdown Mode As Ted Cruz Wins The Wisconsin Republican Primary

Ted Cruz was expected to win Wisconsin, but the surprise was how easily Cruz was able to defeat Donald Trump.

Wisconsin Republicans had mobilized against Donald Trump in a more unified way than had been visible in any previous contest. Trump has not done himself any favors with a week that was a textbook study in how to alienate voters.

Sarah Palin’s horrible appearance as a surrogate for Trump at a Milwaukee Republican event made it clear to one and all that Wisconsin was not going to be Trump country. Donald Trump’s campaign has always had a by the seat of the pants ad-libbed feel, but Trump’s winging it mentality came back to bite him in Wisconsin, where the state’s educated electorate showed no patience for Trump’s antics.

Make no mistake about it, Ted Cruz’s victory in Wisconsin was really a vote against Trump. The Never Trump Republican movement got a much-needed shot in the arm. Donald Trump is not unbeatable, nor is his nomination inevitable.

There are numerous reports of infighting within the Trump campaign, and Trump’s numerous flip-flops and gaffes have painted a picture of a wounded frontrunner. The loss in Wisconsin is only going to fan the flames of reports that Trump is a candidate on the verge of decline. Trump is wobbly, and the delegate math is now complicated. Coming out of Wisconsin, the notion that Donald Trump is destined to be the Republican nominee may have been dealt a death blow.