Democrats Pounce After Wisconsin Republicans Admit To Trying To Steal The 2016 Election

Democrats go on the attack and sound the alarm bells after Republicans in Wisconsin admit that they are trying to steal the 2016 election.

During an interview with TMJ4, Rep. Glenn Grothman all but admitted that the purpose of Wisconsin’s voter ID law is to rig the state for Republicans:

“You know that a lot of Republicans, since 1984 in the presidential races, have not been able to win in Wisconsin,” Benson said. “Why would it be any different for Ted Cruz or a Donald Trump?”

After explaining that he thought Hillary Clinton is a weak nominee for the Democrats, Grothman said “now we have photo ID, and I think photo ID is gonna make a little bit of a difference as well.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, Martha Laning mentioned the voter ID law in her statement about the Democratic primary results, and said that the GOP’s voter suppression tactics didn’t work, “Republicans have imposed unnecessary photo ID laws, curtailed early voting hours, and failed to extend those early voting times in the face of state servers going down for hours last Friday. In spite of these hurdles, Democratic voters made sure they were prepared and came out to vote for a candidate to continue the successes of President Barack Obama.”

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “Today, across Wisconsin reports of long lines, worker shortages, and confusion over the state’s restrictive Photo ID law were made worse as polling locations ran out of ballots. Regrettably, this was the inevitable result of decisions made by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP-led legislature to intentionally make it harder for students, women, minorities, working parents, the elderly, and the poor to vote. And this is not an isolated incident. What we saw in Wisconsin today is business as usual for the GOP. Time and again, all across the country, the Republican Party has worked to make it harder for the American people to exercise their fundamental right to vote. Just this week the Supreme Court rejected a conservative attempt to undermine the basic principle of ‘One Person, One Vote,’ and the Department of Justice launched an investigation into the decision by the Republican Recorder in Maricopa County to dramatically decrease the number of polling locations in Phoenix, where the vast majority of the state’s residents live.”

Wisconsin Republicans seemed to have been a bit smarter than Arizona Republicans in their effort to suppress the vote, but even Republicans are admitting that their voter fraud excuse is a lie. The whole point of voter ID laws is to make the electorate smarter by targeting voters who are more likely to vote Democratic.

The good news for Democrats is that even with the voter ID law, Republicans are doomed in Wisconsin if Donald Trump is their nominee. The bad news is that there is a coordinated effort by federal, state, and local Republicans to suppress the vote.

Scott Walker is trying to rig Wisconsin for the Republican Party, which is why Democrats all across the country must stand up, speak out, and not allow Republicans to get away with their plan to steal the 2016 election.