A Democratic Wave Could Be Building As 6 Senate Seats Tilt Away From Republicans

Republicans already faced an uphill battle with the map in 2016 as the defending party in 24 out of 34 races, 7 of which are in states President Obama carried in 2012 and then Donald Trump took the lead in their presidential primary and down ticket hopes sagged. Trump’s newest poll numbers show he’s universally reviled with 69% of the country not approving of the Republican favorite.

Making matters worse, Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, shared Senate ratings changes that show 5 endangered Republicans. Each of the six changes is less favorable for Republicans:

Republican Senators are trying to pretend they don’t feel the pressure but their unprecedented obstruction of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is making matters so much worse.

Watch Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) try to fight back against the Democrats’ “pressure” campaign to do his job:

Add a little Trump/Cruz extremism as the cherry on top of a bad map and a bad reputation (historically low polling numbers), and Republicans need to face the fact that contrary to what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz tell the, they are so far from winning it’s not even funny. Add to this mix the fact that voters don’t tend to split tickets in presidential elections and things don’t bode well for Republicans.