Enough Already: Democrats Need To Stop Bickering And Focus On Beating Republicans

Democrats must not get caught up in endless bickering and take their eyes off of the big prize of defeating Republicans, keeping the White House, and taking back Congress in November.

It has been a long Democratic primary campaign. The candidates and supporters are tired, but now is not the time for Democrats to behave like Republicans and get caught up in an endless cycle of morale-killing bickering. Both campaigns and candidates have valid reasons to be frustrated. Hillary Clinton can’t shake Bernie Sanders, and Sanders is running out of time and contests to erase Clinton’s delegate lead.

The recent spat over who is qualified to be president has been another step downwards for a presidential nominating process that all Democrats could be proud of. The truth is that the Democratic Party is lucky to have superb two candidates. Both Sen. Sanders and Sec. of State Clinton are much more qualified than Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

The Democratic primary had been excellent because it felt like a contest of ideas between two people who deeply care and understand what is at stake in 2016. Anything that takes away from the discussion of the ideas that will shape the future direction of this country is a disservice to the American people. Voters are already being forced to sit through a Republican presidential primary that is completely devoid of substance. Both Sen. Sanders and former Sec. of State Clinton are better than this, and the endless series of petty squabbles has got to stop now.

2016 isn’t about Bernie Sanders winning or Hillary Clinton winning. It’s about Democrats winning.

Contrary to what supporters on both sides think, the Republic is not going to fall if Sanders or Clinton is the Democratic nominee. Both Democrats hold large leads over Donald Trump in the too early to be worth anything national hypothetical matchups.

It may be nearly impossible for Republicans to win in November unless Democrats give them an opening. Democrats should be gaining steam and unifying around common general election goals. Nonsensical fights about qualifications or who said what help Republicans by taking attention away from the issues.

Bernie Sanders should question Hillary Clinton’s position on trade, just as Clinton should question Sanders’ positions on foreign policy. When Clinton and Sanders debate the issues, they make the Democratic Party stronger.

Democrats aren’t the Donald Trump-led Republicans. It doesn’t matter who started it. As the adults in the room, and the only party that looks capable of leading the country, Democrats need to get their acts together and focus on what this election is really about.

Winning in November.