MSNBC Drops Live Coverage Obama’s Supreme Court Speech To Talk About Trump


In the midst of President Obama’s live discussion about the need to break the Republican obstruction of his Supreme Court nominee, MSNBC cut off the President to go to a report about Donald Trump hiring new campaign operatives as if it were breaking news. MSNBC also repeated the non-breaking news that Guiliani is endorsing Trump.

Their next story was Ted Cruz.

CNN broke away even earlier, cutting off the President just as he started getting into the issue, lest any of their viewers actually have a chance to learn something.


The dumbing down of the news is a big part of why Americans are so often less informed on the issues than they could be and should be to protect our democracy. Ironically, as Obama was discussing why our political system is broken and our media has hardened partisanship, MSNBC cut off coverage to switch to discussing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

MSNBC’s decision to cut off breaking news about the nomination of a judge who could be the nation’s next Supreme Court justice illustrated why corporate cable news can’t be trusted to inform viewers. The corporate media has decided that Donald Trump equals profit, so they made the decision to feed viewers more political junk food while ignoring the substance behind the Republican obstruction that is weakening the Judicial Branch of the federal government.