Donald Trump Busted Trying To Con Voters With Hundreds Of Fake Twitter Accounts

Evidence has been uncovered that suggests Donald Trump paid for a marketing campaign that used hundreds of fake Twitter accounts in an attempt to con voters into supporting his presidential campaign.

After Erick Erickson mentioned that he had been getting waves of suspicious tweets from “Trump supporters,” Republican strategist Patrick Ruffini dug deeper and found the evidence:

Ruffini tweeted:

After the Trump bots had been exposed, all of their tweets were deleted:

It appears that Donald Trump is gaming social media with a paid marketing campaign. Instead of running ads like every other candidate, Trump has paid for thousands of bot accounts that retweet his messages. When Donald Trump feels slighted by someone in the media or Ted Cruz, he unleashes the fake accounts to retweet his message and change the media coverage of his campaign.

Donald Trump has taken the previously favored Republican behavior of buying followers to a whole different level by trying to con social media into increasing his supporting with paid marketing through fake accounts.

If Trump would invest one-tenth of the time that he spends trying to con the country on learning actual policy positions, he might not sound like such a moron every single time he is asked a basic policy question.

The Republican frontrunner is pulling a scam. It turns out that even Donald Trump’s Twitter power is a fraud. As the media scrutiny increases, Donald Trump’s tricks and gimmicks are beginning to be exposed. It’s common sense that the most hated candidate in modern presidential campaign history would need to buy followers and fake his social media popularity.

Donald Trump is faking it, and the best news of all is that the American people have caught on.