Bill Maher Sets Sarah Palin’s Mental Illness To Music And Creates An Amazing Rap

Bill Maher took Sarah Palin’s unhinged rambling during speeches for Donald Trump and set it to music. The result was a track that could change rap forever.

Maher introduced the clip by destroying the myth that Sarah Palin is helpful to Donald Trump, “She didn’t help in Iowa. He lost there. He lost Alaska. Why does he keep using Sarah Palin? She’s like that Billy Bass toy. The novelty’s worn off. We can’t remember why it was fun to begin with, and yet it keeps talking. And quite frankly, it looks like it’s on meth. It really does.”

The Real Time host said that she looks more unhinged that even she has in the past, and that she has been rhyming things in recent months. So Maher’s show turned her rhymes into a rap.


The rap was great because it perfectly summed up the diminished capacity of Sarah Palin as both a political surrogate and basic communicator. It may be difficult for many to believe, but as she has fallen into complete irrelevance, Palin has become even more fragmented and delusional. She is the defective version of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump doesn’t make sense either, but the difference between the two is that Trump realizes that he is trying to sell voters his campaign. Trump can sound coherent as long as he sticks to his slogans and basic talking points. Trump’s is more like 2008 Sarah Palin than anyone in the Republican Party wants to admit. Trump and Palin both don’t know and don’t care about policy. Each of them is selling personality as a replacement for substance.

Trump will continue to send Sarah Palin out on the campaign trail because they are both too arrogant to realize the damage that they are doing. The Republican frontrunner will continue to lean on Palin because he has very few surrogates. Ben Carson can’t speak about Donald Trump without saying something bad about the candidate that endorsed. Chris Christie isn’t in Trump’s inner circle and seems to have vanished from the Trump campaign.

Sarah Palin is a broken shell of a celebrity that never was. Her “rap” is funny, but it also put to music the ramblings of a person who has no business being in the public eye.