Obama dominates on Fox News Sunday

President Obama Leaves Republicans Whimpering After Conquering Fox News

President Obama left Republicans whimpering in the corner after an interview where he conquered Fox News.

Video of Obama on Fox News Sunday:

Obama romped through the Fox News Sunday interview like a hot knife through butter.

The President tore apart the Republican rationale for obstructing his Supreme Court nominee:

WALLACE: Have you made a commitment to Garland that you’re going to stick by him through the end of your term? Or perhaps, let’s say Hillary Clinton is the newly elected president, would you pull him and let her make the pick?

OBAMA: As more senators meet with him, I think they will recognize the qualities of this individual.

What I think we can’t have is a situation in which the Republican Senate simply says, “Because it’s a Democratic president, we are not going to do our job, have hearings, and have a vote.”


OBAMA: Because if that happens, Chris, then it is almost impossible to expect that the Democrats — let’s say a Republican president won — that the Democrats wouldn’t say the exact same thing. They’ll say, “Let’s wait for four years, and we’ll take our chances on the next president.”

Obama shot down and destroyed the GOP’s Hillary Clinton email conspiracy theory, and quickly tamed the Fox News paper tiger.

After part one of the interview aired, Fox News Sunday went to Karl Rove, who tried his whimpering best to revive numerous bogus Republican Obama scandals, “He should have stepped away from this and not commented on it. But he did. He was offering the first defense of Hillary Clinton. It was unintentional, and it really wasn’t important information, because as you know, there is classified and then will is classified. It was really inappropriate I think for the chief executive of the United States to comment on an ongoing FBI investigation. Secondly, I don’t feel particularly comforted by his follow-up which was, of courses, it’s not going to be political because that’s not how the Justice Department operates. Well, the American people have a great deal of concern about how this particular administration’s Justice Department operates. After all, Lois Lerner is out there free and clear after clearly abusing her powers at the IRS. And this administration started off by dropping the investigation and charges that had been filed against the Black Panther Party which was on videotape harassing voters at the polls in Philadelphia in 2008 and was all political.”

Rove tried to tie together the bogus IRS scandal, the more bogus Black Panther Party claim, and the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Obama tore through a Fox News interview like he was talking to himself in the mirror and all Karl Rove could answer with is debunked Republican conspiracies.

The Obama/Fox News Sunday interview revealed the toothless nature of conservative media. Fox News talked a big game about interviewing the President, but when they got the opportunity, the network never stood a chance against Obama.

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