Trump’s Lies About Donations To Charity Expose Republican Selfishness And Greed

The problem with Donald Trump is that he continues to expose Republican policies and ideology as failures. His latest contribution toward this was claiming he gives so much to charity, when it turns out that he is selfish and greedy and prefers to spend other people’s money.

Since Republican front-runner Donald Trump hit the trail he’s been claiming that he has given so much to charity – $102 million to be precise, and that’s just over the last five years.

But the Trump Foundation’s funding has largely been provided by other people, according to a Washington Post analysis of a list of Trump’s alleged “contributions”.

The Washington Post found, “Not a single one of those donations was actually a personal gift of Trump’s own money. Instead, according to a Washington Post analysis, many of the gifts that Trump cited to prove his generosity were free rounds of golf, given away by his courses for charity auctions and raffles.”

Aside from the glaring problem of Donald Trump’s inability to be accurate and need to take credit for everything (he even once reportedly took credit for the for owning 100% of the Empire State building), this actually goes to the heart of the Republican argument that the private sector will do for the poor what the government does now.

So let’s see how that works out from Mr. Trump’s gift-giving. Hey, starving children, how about a free round of golf? Yo, unemployed or underemployed people, how about a free round of golf? Hey disabled people, sure you can’t get to work but how about a free round of golf? Hey seniors! Scared of losing your house? How about a free round of golf! Etc.

See, the problem is that we can’t direct the private sector how to spend its money, or in Donald Trump’s case, how to spend other people’s money. This is why the Republican argument about the private sector won’t work.

It also won’t work because many in the private sector are greedy, like Donald Trump, and do not care about the vulnerable and the weak. They say you can’t legislate morality, well you certainly can’t dictate morality to the private sector.

In the wake of the veterans’ fundraising scandal in which Donald Trump claimed to raise over $6 million but yet months later veterans groups have only received a fraction of the money, all of Trump’s claims bear examination.

The fact that Donald Trump still refuses to release his tax returns is another reason to examine every financial claim he makes carefully.

Donald Trump is a weapon of homegrown mass destruction for the Republican Party. Try as they might to distance themselves from him by deploying Paul Ryan out to make pretty speeches, the actual actions of Paul Ryan and the rest of the House Republicans as well as now Senate Republicans tell a different story. Donald Trump is the Republican Party unmasked.

Right down to the phony claim about the private sector helping so much and thus we don’t need government.

We can’t order the private sector to be human, and in fact Republicans tell us that the private sector’s bottom line is the thing that must be worshiped and catered to at all times. Republicans have even taken to using religion to justify horrific greed.

This is exactly why we have government, because we can’t trust the private sector to do the right thing and we can’t dictate that they do it either. Leave it to Donald Trump to clearly expose yet another failed policy from the Republican Party’s ideology.