If You Have a Dangerous Pregnancy in Missouri, You Might End Up Dead Thanks to GOP

If you have a dangerous pregnancy in Missouri, you could very well end up dead thanks to Republicans. No joke. If left to Republicans, women and families will no longer have a choice to terminate a pregnancy that is threatening the life of the mother. Republicans ironically call this “pro-life”.

Missouri Republicans celebrated Women’s Equal Pay by approving a personhood amendment to the state constitution that would effectively remove the rights of personhood from women, and instead grant them to fetuses.

State Republicans amended the bill on Tuesday to remove exemptions in the case of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at risk.

So ladies, watch out. If this passes, don’t have a pregnancy that threatens your life in Missouri because you are worth less than a fetus and the Republicans will decide for your family. Surprise! Republicans pick that your family should function without a mother and wife, all to appease the same right wingers who work day and night to defund the best way to actually reduce abortions (hint: birth control).

If a woman is raped or the victim of sexual assault by a family member, she will be forced to carry the pregnancy to term. This is brought to you by the party of “liberty”, which is really just liberty for the 1%, liberty for corporations to not pay taxes, and liberty for straight white men with money. The fetuses get liberty until they are born.

The rest of y’all are out of luck. No liberty.

The vote was a party line vote, of course. Because no sane person would think this was good idea. What next, semen has the right to end the life of the man if he endangers it by not using it to turn into a baby?

Laugh now, cry later when they come for your rights.