Paul Ryan’s Press Conference Confirmed That The GOP Will Dump Trump

By using one specific phrase during his press conference today, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan confirmed that the Republican Party intends to dump Donald Trump.

Video of Ryan:

Speaker Ryan tipped his hand with the phrase, “I believe that you should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary.” Ryan didn’t say that the nominee should be the person who got the most delegates, or candidate that had participated in all of the primaries.

Ryan left it at participated in the primary. There were seventeen candidates participating in the Republican primary at one point. Does this mean that Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Lindsey Graham deserve consideration at a brokered convention? Ryan also didn’t limit his statement to candidates who had received delegates.

Paul Ryan’s threshold was participation in the primary. The message that was being sent to Donald Trump was clear. Anything goes if Trump’s delegate count doesn’t hit 1,237. The Republican Party would love to see a Rubio/Kasich ticket, or how about a Cruz/Rubio ticket? There are multiple ways in which the GOP can freeze out Donald Trump.

The announcement by Ryan was a telegraphing of what the future holds for Trump. Republicans aren’t going to limit themselves to choosing between Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. Donald Trump is about to enter a process where he will have no control over his own future.

Donald Trump is in big trouble. Paul Ryan confirmed with one phrase that the Republican Party intends to dump Trump.