New Ad Nails Do Nothing Republicans By Asking What It Is That They Do In Washington

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:54 pm

In a new Grassley ad, the Agenda Project Action Fund has decided to be exactly as dignified and respectful to Republicans as Republicans have been to America.

Spoiler: It’s not pretty.

“If Republicans don’t do their jobs when they’re in Washington, what exactly is it that they do do?”

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This is the question posed in a video released by the Agenda Project Action Fund, which is set to air today in Iowa against Senator Chuck Grassley, who as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee is leading the Republican refusal to do their jobs.

Watch here:

Observing that Senate Democrats have committed to trying to work through the sludge of Republican obstruction and obstinancy and thus can’t respond quite as the rest of America might wish to, the Agenda Project has set itself free to treat Republicans as Republicans treat America.

“Instead,” said Agenda Project Action Fund President Erik Altieri, “In this new Grassley ad, the Agenda Project Action Fund has decided to be exactly as dignified and respectful to Republicans as Republicans have been to America.”

“Republicans’ outright refusal to do their job has actual, real consequences for actual, real people,” said Agenda Project Action Fund President Erik Altieri, “Leaving the Supreme Court tied in this volatile election season when one candidate has already questioned another candidate’s constitutional right to the Presidency is the definition of irresponsible. At some point, our fellow citizens are going to clue into the fact that people who hate the government should not be allowed to run it.”

The ad shows actors playing Republicans dodging the press (which Senator Grassley has been doing quite a bit of, in fact) as they rush to sit on the toilet reading Ayn Rand and doing nothing for the people.

In other words, Republicans are crapping on America and so now America should crap on Republicans.

Republicans have built this kind of contempt the long, hard way but they’ve been treated with kid gloves for so long by the media that Senator Grassley has seemed a bit surprised to be called out on his absurd refusal to do the job he is paid to do.

Some reporters actually refer to this as the “Supreme Court spat”, which is exactly what it is not. It’s not often there is one side that is completely wrong, but in this case, Republicans are completely wrong. They are so wrong that even former Bush official wrote a scathing editorial telling Grassley to do his job. It’s not hard. This is the most basic part of the job- hold a hearing. But Republicans are too busy blocking aid to Flint water victims to do their jobs.

The questions many Americans are asking, based on Grassley’s town halls during the recess, is why won’t Republicans do their job? Blank or get off the pot. And if they won’t get off the pot, why are they running for office again? Do we really need to pay people to point fingers, whine, and pout and then when busted on not doing the most basic part of their jobs, blame others?

What is it exactly that Republicans do do in Washington, indeed. What they are doing is whatever Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tells them to do in order to save their majority. The irony in this is McConnell has proven himself repeatedly to be a horrible national strategist; he only seems to carry water for special interests and big money while catering to deep partisans, but many vulnerable Republicans senators are not in states where that will work.

This sitting on the toilet business is what opened the door to extremists like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

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